Why We Love: Ponte

What is Ponte?

Ponte is a stable, double knit fabric blend, consists of a high percentage of cotton, with smaller percentages of polyester and lycra.

Why Ponte?

A Beaut Commute uses Ponte because of its luxurious cotton feel, while the polyester helps the fabric retain its colour and enables minimal care (i.e.: drys fast without tumble dry, no ironing required). Lycra is also essential part of ponte because this trademarked elastane is renowned for bouncing back into shape.
So while cotton and poly are not know for the their environmental qualities, combine with easy care, colour hold and the shape retaining lycra, this product is bound to last for years to come. 
Our pontes are end of roll designer fabrics, ensuring that bulk fabrics don't end up as land fill, so that you can love them for years to come.

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