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Why We Love: Merino Wool

Merino Wool

Merino wool is one of the finest and softest wools available. Australia and New Zealand produces some of the best quality Merino wool in the world, we're famous for it! 

Why Merino Wool?
    • 100% natural and sustainable (renewable & biodegradable)
    • Soft, insulating, breathable and moisture wicking for quicker recovery
    • Easy care and machine washable, yup! Machine washable! 
    • Unique thermal properties which keep you warm in winter and cool in summer

What Merino Wool?
A Beaut Commute uses highly respected MerinoState fabrics; a superior natural fibre, Merino wool offers many benefits that when combined with MerinoState’s leading edge technology, results in a range of premium, relevant and functional fabrics for the global apparel industry. Merino State offers three tiers of innovative product for your specific needs:
Whether you are a professional athlete, weekend adventurer or in search of a healthier lifestyle, Merino State has a high performance fabric to fit your needs.
Cutting edge fine fabrics for the fashion industry.Select from our Stock Supported line or we candevelop to your specific requirements.
A broad range of knitted and woven fabrics specifically designed for corporate attire. Created for prolonged durability, comfort and style. Our innovative production methods and dynamic blends are matched by our commitment to environmental sustainability and animal welfare, placing Merino State at the forefront of modern fabric development. We invite you to experience the technical precision and excellence of Merino State.
More info about wool can be found via Discover Magazine

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