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Women & Sport: Celeste Rains-Turk, NPC Bikini Competitor (Body Building)

​​This month, we're taking five with body sculpter Celeste Rains-Turk
about her love of NPC Bikini Competitor (Body Building). 

​​Name: Celeste Rains-Turk

Sports: NPC Bikini Competitor (Body Building)

Are their many types of body building styles and what sets yours apart?
There are many types of bodybuilding styles and competitions. I will specifically be referencing those present in the NPC and IFBB for women categories which include: Bikini, Figure, Fitness, Physique, and Bodybuilding.  Bikini is more about shape and symmetry, noted for having nice round glutes, tiny waist, and round shoulders. The bikini division is not meant to be extremely shredded, vascular, or thick in musculature. Although, the division has grown overtime and it has become much more muscular now but the emphasis is heavy on balancing femininity with the physique.
How many hours a week/day do you train?
When I am on prep my days can be anywhere between 1.5-5 hours training depending on how long I have until my show, if I am doing extra, and how much is necessary. Often times my days include fasted cardio, a lift session that has jump roping and sprints in it, and then post workout cardio.  In off season the focus is less on conditioning and more on building so my sessions are shorter but it is always a gradual and healthy increase and decrease.
How long have you been competing?
I did my first competition in 2015 and hated it because it was fueled by my self-loathe and unhealthy relationship with food, exercise, and my body.  I took 2 years to focus on my personal development,
self-love practices, and healing my relationships with myself and food. I competed again in August 2017 and have been competing ever since. July 21st was my 5th show and I have plans to keep going this year!
Where do you go to compete?
I compete in the NPC and there are shows all over the nation. I am blessed to live in California and have the opportunity to do many shows here. I have done 4 shows in California and 1 show in Las Vegas. There are also shows in Northern California and then when National shows come around they are all over the nation!
Biggest achievement in the sport?
My biggest achievement thus far started with placing 1st in Novice and 3rd in the Open Division in my 3rd show (February 2018) which lit a fire in me to go compete again the following weekend in Vegas to compete for a National Qualification since you have to place top 2 in the Open division to receive a qualification. This experience in doing a back to back show tested my limits and showed me how capable I was of achieving anything I set my mind to, it led me to achieving a National Qualification! The whole process was an achievement.
What has been the biggest obstacle?
The biggest obstacle was after my very first show in 2015, because it was fueled from an unhealthy place it led me to feel lost after the show, I gained 30 pounds in 3 weeks and had so much healing to do for my mind and my body. This was a blessing in disguise though because it led me to discovering my deeper purpose and mission in this world of helping others to heal their relationships with food, their body, and exercise.  It allowed me to learn so much and grow as a fitness coach because I came to the realization that fitness is about Building More than Just a Body.  I discovered that our body is our soul’s greatest asset, and fueling it/moving it in positive ways that fuel our soul’s purpose and goals is something that comes NATURALLY when we love ourselves and as a result, our best body is a byproduct! This mindset allowed me to find deeper self-love and a love for the sport I never thought I could have.
Is there are large sporting community that supports you either in person or online?
YES! I am so grateful to be on a supportive team of women with Team Edge.  My coaches, Joe Discuillo and Ingrid Romero Disciullo are so supportive every step of the way and they have created a team of us athletes who are positive and helpful for one another along the way.  Plus, this sport takes a certain type of person and most everyone in the sport is willing to encourage, motivate, or support one another in the journey!
How would our readers get involved in your sport?
I recommend to first research the different types of associations/committees, go to a few shows, see how you feel, and do your research.  Get a coach, explore why this matters to you, and only do it if it truly supports you in this life, it should be an addition not a restriction.  I have a podcast, “Confessions of a Bikini Pro” where I interview IFBB Bikini Pros and these real, raw, vulnerable conversations can provide newbies or those curious with lots of insight into the sport. It is on iTunes or you can listen to them all via the link above. 
What advice would you give young women interested in becoming competitive

Before you do anything, love yourself. Take the time to develop a healthy relationship with your body, food, and exercise.  Make personal development a priority. Tune in, understand what is required in the sport and what it can do to your mind and body along the way (it is NOT all glamorous). When you feel really good about committing to this, go 110% and never look back.  You will be a constant work in progress but you CAN do this. If you feel the nudge to make it happen, go for it, you have nothing to lose!
Celeste Rains-Turk

Online Fitness Coach, Self-Love, Confidence and Mindset Mentor
#1 Best Selling Author of ‘Believe your way to Badass’
Passionate, Results-Driven, Speaker
Host of the ‘Confessions of a Bikini Pro’ Podcast
-National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
-Associates in Science Degree: Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
-Current Psychology Major
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Thanks Celeste! We're really proud of you and your achievements too!
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