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Women & Sport: Kat Nelson (again?)

Kat Nelson is our Machine Washable Merino model, our friend, inspiration and she featured in our first ever blog post for Women and Sports! She's been battling with mental health for years and before this years 3 peak challenge, her 3 season, her Doctor advised her not to go. Read on to hear her story, in her words.
This is the third year I have completed the 3peaks mountain challenge. It’s no secret that being outdoors hiking is my happy place. I love the smell, the feel of the trees and the wildlife. I had some trouble (with mental health) last year; I had trouble this year as well, a lot less though, and next year you had better fucking watch out, I will be on top of my game. I will finally work it out.
For me the mountains get easier as I get to know them and as I train more efficiently.
There is one thing that will never get any easier.
There is one thing that always happens, that I still hike the mountains in spite of.
I don’t forget the mountains but I always seem to forget the feeling afterwards.
After everyone has gone home; back to their normal lives.
I forget the pain; I forget the low that comes with the high.
The depression.
A body that fights to survive with a mind that fights to die.
I am avoiding the social school mums… even though I love them dearly. I am avoiding friends and phone calls. The “how are you’s?”, the “congratulation’s!”, the “I can’t believe you did it again’s!”. I didn’t do anything special; I think that I am almost selfish for leaving my family to do what I love.
The more I tell myself not to cry; the more I cry.
I am the strong one; until I am not anymore.
I don’t need help; I am fine.
I don’t need your help; I will be ok, just not today.
I try to make people laugh and be happy; because I know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless.
What would I say if I had the choice between hiking up the mountains and feeling so low that I could take my own life? Or doing nothing at all, being always safe and never having this challenge, or this high?
The mountains will always win.

Kat writes her own blog about her struggles with mental health, you can read more here 
Thanks again Kat, we really appreciate you <3

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