Women & Sports: Jen Thorman, Cycling

Jen Thorman is the founder of a Beaut Commute, most of the year she cycles on everywhere she goes because, even with a little road rage (hers, not yours), it's a fun way to get around and not a bad form of exercise.

Every Oct, ince 2013 Jen has taken her cycling and turned it into something a little more than just her daily commute - The Great Cycling Challenge. A yearly charity ride that brings awareness and raises money for kids with cancer. 

We ask her a few questions about why she takes the challenge every year and how you might also get involved.

Why The Great Cycle Challenge?

I started riding for the GCC in 2013 because I was a student, not earning a great deal of money but felt the need to give back. In my 20's my Dad was diagnosed with Cancer and my Grandfather died of cancer. I am sure most people know someone who has had the same diagnoses or even lost someone too. I was already cycling a lot, so I thought why not?! 

Has Your Fundraising Been Affected by Covid?

Definitely! We've been under lockdown here in Melbourne. So I haven't been commuting unless I've had to leave the house for work (I need a work permit to do that!) but now that lockdowns have been relaxed, I am trying to make up for lost time! There are only two days left and I still have over 90kms left! Although, I always try and push myself to do more cycling than in my normal day to day life, there has been nearly no cycling at all for me this month, so it has definitely been a challenge to get those kilometres up!

I think there is also a lot of financial insecurity at the moment too. I haven't received as many donations as previous years - not that I am pointing the finger or anything. I get it, I lost my job too and it doesn't cost me anything to cycle. Hopefully tho, in the last few days of the challenge, people might feel inspired to give a dollar or two

What have you enjoyed most about the challenge?

Discovering how easy it is to ride to St Kilda and back! It does take me the better part of 2 hours but it's a really enjoyable ride which has been a savour after such a stressful 6 months. I think I am going to keep riding over the summer, finding different routes and maybe when it's warm enough, finding somewhere to take a swim!

How can someone get involved?

That's the easy part, you can donate! Just clink on the following link, you can donate until the end of Nov. 

Or join the ride next year, you could even become part of the A Beaut Commute Team - I would love to take you on a ride to St Kilda!

Since 2013 Jen has ridden overall: 2,030 km and raised $2,166.79 - Thanks Jen!


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