Women & Sports: Nikki Letts, Trail Running

This months sporting woman Nikki Letts talks about her love of trail running and how easy it is to get started!
"I’ve always loved running. I remember trying to keep up with my dad on his jogs. We must only been running a couple of kilometres, but it always felt like hours for my little legs! Then I took a break from running when I was at uni and it was only when I moved to Australia that I started again. I was working long hours, and it was the easiest way for me to get some fresh air and stay fit. Now it’s about much more than fitness – it’s a way to spend time with friends and explore new places. "
What are your biggest running achievements?
Every ultra event is a huge achievement. But my first 100km really stands out – the Oxfam Trailwalker 100km in Melbourne in 2012. We had two teams of four who decided to run the whole thing. We all trained so hard for that event and I went into it feeling absolutely invincible. I can’t remember any part of the run feeling like we weren’t going to cross that finish line. We also had an incredible support crew who sang and danced and basically kept our energy up at every checkpoint.
Where do you run and where is your favourite place to run?
Put me on a trail, any trail, and I’ll run! Discovering new places is a big motivator for me, so my favourite place to run is anywhere new. Running and travel go well together! I also love running in the mountains. It just feels like I’m running above the whole world. My partner Mat and I are currently planning to run across the Pyrenees in France, which will take about a month. I can’t wait! 
Why do you think more girls should be running?
To be honest, I think more of anyone should be running. It’s the easiest sport to get started with as you don’t need any special equipment – you just step outside and run! It’s also a great sport to get to know people. There’s a brilliant running community in Australia, which seems to be exploding right now.
Were you watching Jess Trengoves’ achievements at the 2017 World Athletics Championships, why is this significant to women and sports?
She’s an absolute legend, isn’t she! Watching her run always gives me goose bumps – she has such grit and resilience. Jess is an incredible inspiration and role model – we really need someone like her in Australian sport.
Australian runner Cathy Freeman has been quoted the late great Betty Cuthbert as one of her inspirations, who or what inspires you to run?
Running is a way of life so it doesn’t take much to inspire me to get out and run. But there are definitely some runners who inspire me to go further and push harder. One of those is Victorian ultra runner Lucy Bartholomew – she’s only 21 and has already achieved incredible results. And she always looks like she’s having the time of her life! To me, she epitomises what running is all about.
Who do you hope to inspire?
I’d love to inspire anyone who thinks “my body isn’t a runners body” or “I’m not built to run” or “I’m too old to start running now”. It’s amazing what your body can achieve when you give it a chance. I don’t believe there’s any such thing as a “runner’s body”. If you have a body, you can run!
What advice could you offer women who are thinking of taking up running?
Look up some local running groups. Park Run is a great way to start out – it’s a free, weekly, timed 5km run with a great community vibe.
Also, set a goal to stay motivated. Once you’ve signed up for a charity run, it’s hard to go back!
My last tip would be to mix it up. If you run the same track day after day, week after week, you’ll soon lose interest. That’s why trail running is so awesome – it never stops being fun!
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