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Women & Sports: Susan Jane, Professional Trainer for Brisbane Roar Women's League

Susan Jane is a professional sports trainer for the Brisbane Roar Women’s league under 17’s. It is the feeder team to the National Women’s League for Brisbane Roar Football and where the football talent scouts search for upcoming Matilda’s to play in the Australian team. She also owned a dance school with her sister when she was 18!
She has also coached local hockey, soccer and took a young group of Cheerleaders from the local arena, supporting the Gympie Miners, to the national arena where the girls where invited to performed in front of a huge crowd for the Brisbane Strikers.

A Beaut Commute dropped in for a coffee and chat about what its like to coach young women on the brink of their careers

What is the best part about training young minds?
What I enjoy most is knowing that they are so open to new ideas, thoughts and possibilities for their futures. I guess I naturally go into the nurturing role to steer them positively in the direction they chose and I love to help them think outside the box. Most of them will not go on to sporting careers so asking them what they like doing and blending that with their sports is what I encourage them to look at. It lets them see that they don’t need to follow the traditional paths that their parents or friends may have taken. 
What is the best advice you could give them about playing a team sport?
My best advice to the girls if they want to make a career out of their sport is to play fully with their heart. Make your sport your passion, your drive, your reason for getting up in the morning but there are only a handful that can do this. If your heart isn’t fully in it then do it for the enjoyment and the love of the game.
My heart wasn’t fully into my dancing at the age of 17. There was boys to chat with, part time work to consider, schooling, netball and the list went on. I thought dancing was what I wanted to do and I still have a huge love for it but it wasn’t the reason I got up in the morning. I hadn’t found my drive, my passion in life but I did learn that you need to love what you do and who you do it with. I continued with netball because it was a team sport and the team supported me through the tougher teenage years but I still love to dance around the lounge room when no one is watching.
How do you recommend they train off the field?
My business is all about developing, trusting and utilising your Intuition so I can’t help but steer anyone along those lines when it comes to off field training.
Training your mind, your thoughts and your beliefs so they are in line with what you want is paramount for the girls. Actually it is paramount for anyone. We all need to make sure we give ourselves the time to rest, recoup and get our heads back into the right space. Often if the girls have a bad day they walk around letting everyone know how bad they are, what they did wrong or feeling ‘not good enough’. If they stay with those thoughts that is how they will continuously see themselves. There needs to be time away from field where training the mind is giving the most importance. Where you can get into a safe space in your thoughts and steer them towards the things you are doing right. Where you can experience getting excited in your mind when you achieve what it is you want to achieve. Think it, believe it and you will see it, so make it positive.
You give the girls advice about nutrition before they go away to compete, what are your top 3 nutrition tips? 
I am not a nutritionist so I am careful about what I say here mainly because I work in the elite areas of sport but what I will say is ‘look at your eating habits now’ before you go away.
Your eating habits in everyday life is a reflection of how you are handling your sporting regime. If you constantly reach for junk food then your body will not be operating at its optimum. If you are neglecting to feed your body with sound nutrients, surviving on high sugar diets or drinks then you are living on the edge and that will not sustain your sport.
Again it depends on your level of sporting commitment but in general your nutritional intake shouldn’t change that much if your eating habits are good. It may mean you need to eat a bit more food or at regular intervals when away competing because of more games in a quicker period of time.
What advice would you give to women who are thinking about being a professional athlete?
Ok this is going to sound a little weird because being a professional athlete is all about competing with others and yet for women in general the way to get ahead is through collaboration. If someone is thinking of being a professional athlete then they must have the skills, ability and determination to get there so let’s look outside the box.
In the business world women get ahead by collaborating with others not treating other businesses as competition. Working together to reach a common goal in a win-win situation. As a professional athlete it is quite the opposite where it is all about competing and winning. However being a professional athlete your name becomes your business and therefore you will get ahead better through collaborating with others. So my advice would be as a professional athlete you need to put in structures that will take you beyond your sporting career. Your name is your business so respect that at all times and in all circumstances especially in social media sites be careful as to what your name is associated with. As tough as it will be you know you’re in the right place when there is nothing else in the world you would rather be doing than your sport, so enjoy every moment of it.
Is there anything else you would like to add?
I work with both male and female young athletes and I can really see the difference in the level of commitment the clubs and associations give to the different genders. Ladies your mission to become a professional athlete in any field will be hard on all levels. Personal, relationships and going head to head with the hierarchy. The money spent on women in sport is extremely inferior to those spent on the males so you will need a lot of support from family and friends. This is where more collaboration will come in. Treat your team mates as part of your family and support one another in every way you can. Together you will become great, as a team and as an individual. I wish you all the very best.      
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