Women & Sports: Taylah Campey, Park Run

Taylah is just 9 years old, but she proves that it doesn't matter what your age you're never to young or too old to be your own sporting hero. We are super proud of her and that's why we asked Taylah to be this months, Women & Sports, hero.
When did you decide that you wanted get involved in running and what was your first step?
Mum asked me to join her on a Park Run last year so I gave it a try just walking and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Now I can run a lot of the course and I'm getting better at running every time I get out & try.

Where/When do you run?
Mostly at Park Run. My local is Toolern Creek but sometimes I run at Highlands. I have volunteered twice at Park Run since starting. This year I completed the 5km Father's Day Fun Run at the Botanic Gardens in September with my family and completed it in about 42 minutes. In December I am also completing the 5km Foam Fest which I'm really looking forward to. I also play Football at Burnside Heights and Cricket for Burnside Springs and do a lot of running during training & in our games. Most practice starts with running laps of the oval.

Who is your biggest advocate and what makes them so supportive?

My mum is my biggest supporter as she got me started at Park Run and she also played her first season of Football which inspired me to play. My Mum taught me I can do anything if I try. Also my football coaches Issy & Sina as they are always encouraging me to try & keep going. My Dad also runs with me, sometimes at Park Run, and sometimes alongside me while I'm riding my bike. 

What advice would you give other girls your age, who are thinking about starting sports but might be scared to go alone?
Trying anything new might be scary at the start, but as the year goes on you get more used to that sport and you never want it to stop. Now football has finished I really miss everyone in my team and miss playing every weekend.
What other sports do you play?
This year I played my first season of football for Burnside Heights in their first ever Under 11 Girls team. We had a really good year & even made the 2nd week of the finals. I also completed my first season of Cricket at Burnside Springs Cricket Club. I played in the Under 10 mixed team and the club's first Under 13 Girls team. In our final I took 4 wickets in 1 over. I've also started riding a bike this year and next year I'm going to attempt the Great Cycle Challenge just like my oldest Sister & Brother have done.
Thanks for talking to us, we're so proud of you Tahlah and hope to see you participating in sports for life! (Or at least in next years Great Cycle Challenge)

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