Sustainability in Design

We believe that sustainability should be considered from the beginning of the design process, that transparency is essential and we're on a mission for continuous improvement. We don't do it because it's marketable, we do it because we care and we hate (like really hate) waste.

All garments are currently ethically produced in Melbourne either in house or by The Social Studio. It is possible that we may manufacture overseas in the future however the utmost care will be taken to ensure the garment workers, creating our product, work in ideal working situations - with lots of natural light, ventilation, breaks and a living wage.

For more information on how our products are sustainable, see our sustainability key below for more info.

Deadstock fabric This garment uses fabric that is predominantly sourced as deadstock, meaning this fabric is from end-of-line, mill overruns, cancelled orders or designer excess. These fabrics are typically deemed a waste product in the fashion industry and would usually end up as landfill. We try to use natural fibers whenever possible.

Circular fashion model: we have partnerships with Upparel in two exciting ways. + Waste generated while manufacturing these garments have been sent to manrags to be made into socks. + You can also return unwanted or damaged clothing directly to Upparel for a credit to spend in their online store. Upparel are the winners of the National Retail Association Sustainability Champion of the Year for 2020

Garments featuring this logo are made using Zero Waste pattern making practises and refers to items of clothing that generate little or no textile waste during the garment production. Pre-consumer zero-waste fashion eliminates waste during manufacture.

During the design process repair, alteration and/or modifications are considered. + Garments can be sent back to us for repairs + Or alterations can be made to meet the changing needs of wearers over time. + Modifications, patterns are available to purchase so that fabric and design changes can be made to suit the individual - workshops on how to make or change a pattern are available through Threadden This approach considers that a garment may have several owners over its lifetime.

While we are not perfect, we are also working towards greater sustainability throughout the brand, and welcome questions/suggestions.

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